About EB

I have been a world traveler my entire life. I love exploring new lands, delving into different cultures, conversing with foreign people seeking out the experience of stepping out of one’s own shoes to view the world from a different perspective. I seek adventure and embrace life from a positive perspective knowing that life is short and there is so much to do in such little time. Whether it was studying abroad in Sydney Australia, or riding elephants bareback and barefoot in the jungles of Cambodia or bungee jumping out of a tiny airplane over bubbling mud pools in New Zealand or scuba diving ancient shipwrecks in the pristine waters of Thailand, my intense state of wanderlust has always been my driving force. And it is through this influence that has guided me to be the person I am today.

Through my global adventures and life altering experiences, I have experienced profound spiritual growth especially through my lifelong passion towards yoga, meditation and Eastern based traditions. Even after acquiring my doctoral degree in physical therapy, my professional development led me to becoming a yoga instructor, craniosacral therapist and passionate advocate for preventative healthcare models. Understanding the essence of the connection of mind, body and spirit – in my eyes – is the ultimate pursuit.

In an unfortunate turn of events in my late 30s, I dove headfirst into a swimming pool causing a severe spinal cord injury at the cervical level of my spinal cord leaving me a complete quadriplegic, meaning I have zero sensation or physical mobility below my shoulders. I am completely paralyzed for the remainder of my life. Not being able to walk, run, feed myself, dress myself or even take my own sip of water presents many challenges that I must overcome on a daily basis, yet I have not let this turn of events stop me from enjoying and embracing life. This experience has made me a tougher human being yet softer in spirit and all the more adventurous discovering new ways on continuing my wanderlust from the auspices of a power wheelchair.

My life is going forward, and I am working hard every hour of every day to keep my mind, body and spirit connected, so I may continue my own life journey and also empower others to be better versions of themselves whatever their abilities may be. Anything is possible!