Speaking the Truth

Chapped Lips No More!

My recent visit to the dermatologist didn’t fare so well. The liquid nitrogen gun emerged, and I was zapped on my forehead and lower lip to prevent cancer spots from developing out of my [...]

Packing All the Things

Traveling as a quadriplegic is like traveling with the circus. You must bring everything to be fully prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. This includes not only traditional luggage full of [...]

​Drive-by Booster

It took me five minutes to get my booster shot. It was the easiest shot I have ever received; I didn’t even have to get out of my van. And thankfully, I did because so much of my family, friends [...]

The caregiver crisis

COVID-19 has hit hard on many fronts, and it is still rearing its ugly head. Our new reality provides lots of interesting changes in our daily lives. Restaurants are finally opening back up, [...]

Trying to Move

Finding accessible housing in the rental market is near impossible; finding accessible housing for purchase is even worse. I have resided in a first-floor apartment in Southwest Denver for the [...]

*originally published on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation website

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